Fantasy Factory

Welcome to Fantasy Factory

We are sorry to report after 14 years of pretty much uninterupted service that our Fantasy Sports Prediction Engine has closed.

Many of our members joined in 1998 and enjoyed over 1500 games with us.  Together we saw 4 Football world, 4 Rugby World Cups, over 180 Grand Prix and so many sporting occasions from Ryder Cups, through Tours De France and Cheltenham Gold Cups.  .

Our 20 000 members made over 330 000 bonus question responses.

We are particulary proud to be able to say that the only times that we charged our players for the content and entertainment, we did so to raise funds for worthy causes.

In 2011 we failed to replace our key site sponsors, leaving the owners covering the majority of the costs.  When the austerity measures began to bite in 2011, our traditional smaller sponsorship partners also began to withdraw, leaving us with no option but to close.

Our hosting site at the time only gave us 12 days notice, so we apologise to returning members for not saying goodbye properly.  Some of you became personal friends who I never met - Thank you for your support.


Will we rise from the burning embers?
No - realistically I must concentrate on fresh ventures.  FF was a great part of my life from 1998-2011, we were born when only the professors and pornographers had realised the power of the net, we survived the dot com crash, we flourished for about 5 years and then faded.